Wednesday, May 5, 2010

RTS Energizer: Joe Torres (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Peter Rowen (Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland), and Hannah Rames (BuzzBee Company)

Booz Allen Hamilton sponsored a project in south Seattle to help Helen and Jeff, a disabled son and mother living in Beacon Hill. Three different groups of volunteers worked at the Booz Allen Hamilton site: BuzzBee Company, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland.

Hannah Rames, from BuzzBee Company, was chosen to be a RTS Energizer by project leaders, Matt Coldwell and Ed Ball, because of "Hannah’s level of effort and willingness to do anything!"

"At 8:30 in the morning Hannah was swinging a 50 pound sledge hammer and demolishing the old concrete front walkway as part of the crew supporting our professional concrete contractor," Matt explained. "At 11:00, she was shoveling and wheel barrowing gravel as part of a team that built a walkway around the house and leveled the back patio and 2:00 found Hannah wielding a saw and clippers trimming back hedges and trees, beautifying the back yard."

This is the second year that Hannah and the Buzzbee team have been part of the Booz Allen worksite, and both she and the Buzzbee staff are incredible supporters of RTS.

Peter Rowen, from Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland, was chosen by Ed and Matt to be a RTS Energizer because of his tireless commitment to the projects of the day.

"Peter was one of the first to arrive from the Ryan Swanson team, and was the last from our team to leave in the late afternoon," Matt said. "He worked a majority of his time on the fence in the back, putting his all into taking down the old fence and installing the new one through bamboo and other obstacles. He was a great team player."

Ed and Matt chose Joe Torres as a RTS Energizer from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation volunteers. Joe was behind all of the food donations for this year’s Rebuilding Day. "He was able to get donations from Starbucks and Krispy Kreme as well as Tutta Bella Pizza, which was a nice improvement from our regular Costco pizza!" Matt said. "He’s been working with us for two years now, and is always one of the first volunteers to arrive and the last to leave. Plus, he does a lot of the dirty work that no one else likes to do."

Way to go Joe, Peter and Hannah!!

To make a donation to Rebuilding Together Seattle in Joe, Peter or Hannah's honor, please visit our donation website!

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  1. What a fantastic collaboration at the Booz Allen Hamilton site! Way to go, Joe, Peter and Hannah! Thank you for your support of RTS.