Monday, June 7, 2010

Feature Project of the Week: Assumption Parish and Premiere Builders NW

RTS wants to share an incredible story with all of you:

This year, Assumption Parish (Seattle) and Premiere Builders Northwest took on a project that required volunteers to dedicate their time not only on April 24th, but also for several weekends before to prep for Spring Rebuilding Day. The goal was to improve the living situation of a physically and developmentally disabled mother and daughter in Shoreline.

Shoreline Fire Department had responded to this home on 60 different occasions last year alone. Because the clients' problems included ongoing mental health issues, Shoreline Fire was not sure how to help or improve their situation. Shoreline Fire learned of Rebuilding Together Seattle's efforts and of the volunteers from Assumption Parish and Premiere Builders NW and jumped at the opportunity to help out. On Spring Rebuilding Day 2010, Firefighters and staff from Shoreline Fire Department showed up eager to help with the work needed on the home of this mother and daughter who were in desperate need of help. The resulting improvements were simply astounding. Thank you to all the volunteers involved in this tremendous project!!

 Below is a letter RTS received from the Shoreline Fire Department Chief, Mark Bunje:

May 2, 2010

To: Assumption Catholic Church
And Rebuilding Together Seattle

To the incredible volunteers who gave their time in Shoreline in April:

On behalf of the entire Shoreline Fire Department: Words cannot express our gratitude for your energy, enthusiasm and generosity in helping us solve one of the most challenging human service issues Shoreline Fire has ever encountered.

Your willingness to give your own time and to use your exceptionally varied and unique skills in our community is something we will never forget. You came forward at a time when we were desperate for help – and at a loss to where to find it.

You may not realize how often our emergency responses lead to the discovery of horrible and sad living conditions that we are unable to fix. Our firefighters and paramedics are great when they are needed to save life and property – and they can do it fast! But when faced with chronic, ongoing mental health issues, extreme poverty and desperate living conditions … we are often at a loss.

Because of you, we didn’t have to walk away. We were able to benefit from human kindness, caring and selflessness that astounded us. We are humbled by your actions and will be forever grateful that there are people in our community who are willing to show this level of compassion.

Know that you all have the entire Shoreline Fire Department watching your backs – and hoping that you, too, enjoyed the wonderful fellowship and the incredible leadership of Anne Quiqq during the month of April. We would like to recruit her as our next Battalion Commander!

Sincerely yours,

Mark Bunje
Fire Chief

RTS is so grateful to Ray Meuse of Ray Meuse Photography for taking such great photos at the project site. To see his other work, visit Here are some of his amazing before and after shots:

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