Friday, June 18, 2010

Meet the 2010-2011 YPS Executive Team: Raymond Loyola, Vice President

Vice President, Raymond Loyola

Hard at work on a rebuilding day!

1. How did you get involved with YPS?

I first found out about RTS via Gonzaga University's Seattle Alumni Association. We've had a yearly service project with RTS for the past few years, and I really enjoyed the work we did. I was interested in continuing to volunteer my time to RTS (more than just the one day a year). When I found out that there was a way to get involved in more than just the one day, I immediately signed up.
Since graduating from college, I hadn't been involved in much community service -- YPS is my way to get involved again.

2. What is your favorite part about YPS?

I think the best part about YPS (which, to be fair, is common to many "young people" service groups) is getting to serve the community while being around other people around my age. It's great to meet new people and also help people at the same time.

3. Why do you support Rebuilding Together Seattle?

I support RTS because it's important to me to help those less fortunate than myself, and RTS allows me to do this in a way I can actually understand and see at the end of the day.
I like seeing the transformation of our clients' houses -- and part of this is kind of "selfish", in a way. My daily work is very intangible - I don't "make" anything, and I typically don't get to see the end result of my efforts. When I volunteer with RTS, I get to see the end results of our efforts. I can tell immediately, in the span of just a few hours, how we're helping people and how their quality of life has improved because of our time and effort. It's just inspring to me, to see the difference RTS can make on a person's life.

4. What are your favorite pastimes?
I enjoy doing so many different things, it's hard to keep track of them all. Between the months of November and March, I'm obsessed with Gonzaga basketball. I love seeing live music - the Showbox is definitely my favorite venue in Seattle. A few other things I enjoy: taking photographs, playing soccer/tennis, cooking, and pretending that the Mariners will win the World Series one day.

5. Where do you work? What do you do for a living?

I'm currently at Boeing, working in Flight Test Engineering. My group helps run ground/flight tests on the new 787 Dreamliner to verify that we're meeting all of our Boeing and FAA requirements, before we start delivering planes to airlines.

What the RTS Director has to say about Ray:

"Ray has been a part of YPS from its beginning in August 2008. Ray has made an excellent commitment to the group, and has shown great leadership in recruiting new members to the team. He served as our Vice President for the last year and offered to continue his term for another year. Ray has a great talent for gathering our members and finding fun things to do in the city. He will do a fantastic job thinking of new ideas for our group socials, meetings, and service days!"

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