Thursday, June 10, 2010

RTS Energizer: Rick Jones

Rick Jones was nominated by his team, the Magnolia Rotary, as their RTS Energizer for Spring Rebuilding Day 2010.  Although Rick was Project Leader (normally precluded from being an Energizer), we decided to let this one slide.  Rick not only lead the team on SRD 2010, he also took on a project just weeks before Spring Rebuilding Day. This project took place on April 10th and was sponsored by Safeway.  The team built a ramp, painted the entire inside of the house, donated a new stove, and landscaped the entire property, to name just a few!  Check out our previous post to learn more about the Safeway project.  
On SRD 2010, Rick lead the Magnolia Rotary team at the Daybreak Star Center.  Both of these projects benefited from Rick's relentless hard work and amazing team leadership skills.

Rick, talking with homeowner, Ola

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