Monday, May 16, 2011

RTS Energizer: John Handley, Wright Runstad & Company

Jeff Kasowski, Project Manager for Wright Runstad & Company, chose John Handley as the RTS Energizer for the day. 

"This is not an easy nomination because of all the great talent at Wright Runstad & Company," Jeff explained.  "Everyone performed an outstanding job with a positive and fun attitude all day. With 35 volunteers working in a small area we really developed close relationships. However, out of all the great people John Handley stuck out to me."

"John was on the painting crew and responsible for painting a bedroom that was originally painted yellow, " continued Jeff.  "John stayed with the project from morning until night. His attitude was great and as the afternoon rolled in he was on his third coat he was positive and encouraging to the others helping in that area. His persistence paid off and the room looks great."
Great work, John!!
**Visit our donation page to make a donation to RTS in John's honor**

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