Monday, May 9, 2011

RTS Energizer: Susan Walters

Christi Rizzuto, Project Manager for PEMCO, chose Susan Walters to be their Spring Rebuilding Day RTS Energizer!

"Susan went the extra mile in every way," Christi explained. "She helped prior to Saturday, bringing tables and chairs and getting “food for the troops”. She was one of the first ones there, setting up and making sure everything was ready when the rest of the volunteers showed up. She helped out with yard work and other projects as well as being there when needed to obtain additional supplies. She was a true inspiration to all of us, as she always had a smile on her face, even at the end of the day (when she was one of the very last to leave) when I’m sure she was exhausted."

Great work, Susan!!

**Visit our donation page to make a donation to RTS in Susan's honor**

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