Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thank you, Youth Board Donors!

On Saturday, the RTS Youth Board partnered with volunteers from the UW Project Management Team (lead by Phil Renz) to restore the home of Deborah and her family in Beacon Hill. The project was a HUGE success, and would not have been made possible without the generosity of the Youth Board Spring Rebuilding Day 2011 Donors.

Thank you, donors, for your support!

Mary and Tom Herche
Lisa K. Pirnie
Lake Union Travel
Dave and Ann Kocer
Brenda and Tom Heflin
Jim and Mary Ellen Weber
Cathleen Clampitt
Bruce and M.A. Sangeorzan
Thomas Wilkes and Kathleen Greer-Wilkes
Lynne Berry
Ray and Rosemary Siderius
Dan and Julie Coleman
Stephen and Wendy Sefcik
Ginny Scalzo
Lisa Reynvaan-Hawes
Tracy A. Lloyd
Robert L. Aigner
Pauline Bach
Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Ratti
Kary Doerfler
Robert and Martha Aigner
Glen A. Curda and Jeanne Marie Clavere
Chapin and Janet Day
Elaine Moody and Mike Taylor
Kristi and Brent Greene
Pat and Kathy Shultz
John and Suzanne Rettenmier
Janet and David Aigner
Kelly and Bob Crimmins
Tobey Clarkin
P.R. Morris
Layne Presho and Dan Dunne
Horace and Barbara Hayworth
Lee Ann Rasmus
Jamie Dearn

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