Saturday, March 24, 2012

Foster Pepper Rebuilding Day

Today, Foster Pepper PLLC is sponsoring a rebuilding day in SeaTac to benefit Evelyn and Buford Neal.  Buford lost both his legs due to his time served in WWII and the Korean War and the repairs and updates provided today will make his mobility safer and easier within his home.  Repairs include widening doorways, replacing appliances and flooring in the kitchen, bathroom and living room, fixing up the yard and patio, replacing two toilets, and much more!  Over 30 employees from Foster Pepper came out for the day with the support of 20 Vulcan, Inc. volunteers, who also provided amazing project management.  Thank you volunteers!!

Group Shot!

Buford and Evelyn 

Working on the bathroom!

Enjoying the sun as the volunteers work in the yard.

Thank you Foster Pepper and Vulcan!! 

**Tune your televisions to Komo 4 tonight at 6 PM to catch the story on the news!!** 

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  1. You are all incredible. Thank you!