Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SRD 2012 Top Sponsor Highlight: ASCE

RTS is excited to highlight one of our most long-term Sponsor groups: The Seattle Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). ASCE began their partnership with RTS in 2001, and have been working with our organization every year since then!

In April, ASCE will celebrate their 12th year of Spring Rebuilding Day participation! Last year, ASCE was presented with the RTS Ambassador's Award for their contributions to RTS throughout the years. RTS is fortunate to have the financial and volunteer support of ASCE, and truly appreciates the individual contributions of their members.

Let's hear from ASCE!
1. How did ASCE first get involved with Rebuilding Together Seattle?

ASCE has been involved since 2011. Check out the story and vintage photos here!


2. Why does ASCE support Rebuilding Together Seattle?

We are fortunate to be able to contribute financially to help RTS underwrite projects in Seattle, but the main reason we keep teaming up with RTS each year is that our members enjoy giving something back to someone here in our community. It gives us an chance to get together and build a ramp, or fix a floor, or help clean up a backyard. For some of our members it is a chance to learn home repair skills, for others it is an opportunity to improve their planning and project coordination skills as we try to maximize the work we can do on one house in one day. In addition, teaming up with RTS allows our members a chance to interact with other builders and people in the Seattle area, thereby giving us a chance to let people learn more about civil engineers and ASCE.

3. Share a little bit about the rebuilding day experience for your team – what’s it like for your volunteers? What is your favorite part of the day?

We enjoy house projects that we can assign a large number of volunteers to - some outside, some inside, cutting, cleaning, painting, building, running to the hardware store for more materials, and hauling off debris. As the day winds down, it is always nice to look at the project and see all that we accomplished in just one intensive day! I think our volunteers find great satisfaction in this.

4. Do you have a favorite memory with Rebuilding Together Seattle?

One of my favorite jobs was the house we built a new retaining wall and new steel fence on Capital Hill. Lots of people needed on that project to dig out and the old wall and replace it with a nice new concrete block wall!

Photos from Spring Rebuilding Day 2011 (photographs by Ray Loyola):

Thank you, ASCE, for your great partnership! We can't wait to see your team in action on April 28th!


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