Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SRD 2012 Top Sponsor Highlight: Howard S. Wright

Introducing one of our top Spring Rebuilding Day 2012 sponsors, HOWARD S. WRIGHT!

Howard S. Wright will be joining us for their third year of partnership in April. We are thrilled to have their team involved. In 2011, Howard S. Wright helped Ruth, an elderly and disabled homeowner living in Ballard. In 2010, the group helped Wesley, a disabled homeowner living in South Seattle, creating one of our most inspiring homeowner stories of the year. We are excited to see Howard S. Wright's impact this year!

Let's hear from Howard S. Wright!

How did Howard S. Wright first get involved with Rebuilding Together Seattle? How many years have you participated?

A number of our employees wanted to work together with some of the unique skills that we possess and give back to the Seattle community to those most in need. This will be our third year of group participation and sponsorship.

Why does Howard S. Wright support Rebuilding Together Seattle?

It is an opportunity to help others. Also it is a great team building experience for our employees.

Share a little bit about the rebuilding day experience for your team – what’s it like for your employees/volunteers? What is your favorite part of the day?

Our team works hard, sweats a little and smiles and laughs a lot. It brings much joy to provide our people, tools, materials, and expertise to help those that are unable to help themselves. Two of our most memorable projects were constructing wheelchair ramps for people confined to a wheel chair. Providing them access to the outdoors, and freedom to do the things in life they enjoy cannot be put into words.

Do you have a favorite memory with Rebuilding Together Seattle?

Just seeing the joy in peoples faces at the end of a successful day of hard work stays with us for a very long time. Specifically seeing the smile on Wesley's face (our homeowner from 2010) and the thank you letter received from Ruth (our homeowner from 2011) is our favorite memories.

While helping Wesley for the day, we sent his dog to the groomer! Wesley’s best friend looked like a million bucks and the joy in Wesley

A l’s eyes was priceless!

Thank you, Howard S. Wright!

Dear Volunteers with Rebuilding Together Seattle:

How can I ever thank you enough for all that you did for me in April?

I appreciate so very much. I'm so happy every day looking around at all the

things you did for me, especially the ramp, so now I can get down to the

public sidewalk with my power chair. May God bless each and everyone of

you and meet all your needs. Thanks again,

Ruth Andrews

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