Thursday, April 26, 2012

RTS Energizer: Dave Maas, Safeway

The Volunteer Coordinator from Safeway, Sara Osborne, nominated Dave Maas as the RTS Energizer for this year's Safeway Rebuilding Day!
Dave pictured with Linda Harms, RTS Energizer from the 2011 Safeway project!

Dave, who manages the Crown Hill Safeway, chose to volunteer at Katy and Shawn's home for the entire day despite the option to work a 4 hour shift. He helped out with sanding and staining the back deck and was also a key player in the yard work group! We were lucky to have Dave around for landscaping because as Sara pointed out, "He carefully pruned each tree and shrub since he was familiar with each type and their respective sensitivities."  The homeowner, Katy, was especially appreciative of his knowledge and care for her plants because gardening was her passion before health issues took priority.

Great work, Dave!

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