Thursday, April 5, 2012

RTS Energizer: Greg Clark, Foster Pepper PLLC

Greg A.V. Clark
Chair of Foster Pepper's Construction Group

Greg was chosen by project leaders, Joanna and Kyle, as their RTS Energizer for his dedication to the project and hard work throughout planning and the day of. Let's hear from the project leaders on why they chose Greg!

"Greg spent hours with Kyle and I preparing and planning for the big day," Joanna, project Volunteer Coordinator, said. "He came to all of the meetings, went to the Neal’s for a home-visit, and provided helpful suggestions and practical advice during the planning/logistics phase. His positive outlook and excitement for this event was contagious and on the 24th he had a smile on his face the entire day. Not only was he extremely helpful, positive, and energetic, but he was also the only volunteer who stayed the entire day with Kyle and I. For all of these reasons I can think of no better volunteer to nominate for this award than Greg."

Greg, hard at work on the project:

Thank you, Greg, for your dedication to making this rebuilding day a success!

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