Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Volunteer of the Month: Kyle Weeks

Kyle pictured at the Foster Pepper Rebuilding Day with homeowners, Evelyn and Buford Neal, and co-Project Manger, Joanna.

Kyle was an easy pick for Volunteer of the Month after his phenomenal job leading the Foster Pepper Rebuilding Day on March 24th. Check out the Komo 4 news story!

Here is what Executive Director, Margie, has to say about Kyle's involvement:

“Kyle has been one of the best volunteers I have had the opportunity to work with during my time at RTS. Kyle first got involved with our organization at Vulcan’s first official Rebuilding Day during the Summer of 2010. Kyle got plugged in with the RTS Young Professionals Society and then was asked to join the RTS Development Committee. Kyle has been instrumental in building new sponsor, volunteer, and vendor relationships for our programs. In addition, Kyle managed his first rebuilding day project with Foster Pepper last month and did an outstanding job. Kyle always goes above and beyond with his volunteer responsibilities, and is a very dependable, kind, and fun person to work with. RTS is very lucky to have Kyle on board.”

Now let's hear from Kyle!

1. How did you get involved with RTS?

I became involved with RTS when Vulcan did a rebuild day at the Cascade Center with RTS in June 2010. Since then I've been involved in a number of rebuild day projects with Vulcan and through the YPS. In October 2011, I joined the RTS Development Committee.

2. What do you enjoy most about working with our organization?

The people are what do it for me. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some really great homeowners and volunteers (not to mention the RTS staff!), and that is really what I enjoy most.

3. What do other volunteers say about RTS?

I’ve never met anyone that didn’t have a good experience working on a RTS project, and most ask how they can get involved again in the future.

Why do they want to volunteer their time?

4. I think people volunteer their time because they enjoy giving back and providing for those that are unable to do so for themselves. They see how easy it is, and how little effort it really takes, to make a huge difference in someone else’s life that may be having a tough time. I think people like the fact that their efforts are tangible, have an immediate impact, and affect the community that they themselves are a part of.

5. What about RTS' mission are you most drawn to?

I like the fact that it addresses basic human needs that everyone deserves to have. I appreciate the hands on aspect of RTS and that it is a program that can make an immediate difference within our community.

Thank you for your dedication to RTS, Kyle!

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