Monday, September 17, 2012

Deserving homeowner gets much needed repairs!

Volunteers from the RTS Young Professionals Society (YPS) helped Ardis of Leschi this past weekend by building a new porch, doing some yard work and painting her bedroom!  Check out some photos from the day and keep an eye out for the Energizer Award!
Homeowner, Ardis (L) with Project Manager, John Hanks (R)

Ardis with her grandson

Starting to pull up the front porch

After all the planks are removed

New insulation

Final product - a safe and beautiful porch for Ardis!

Putting primer on the walls in Ardis' bedroom

John works on some huge roots

Many volunteers helped with yard work

Ardis watching the volunteers - she was so happy and thankful!

Michelle works on repairing the garbage disposal

Thanks to all the wonderful YPS volunteers for a great day!

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