Monday, February 4, 2013

Announcing our first 14 Hearts Rebuilding Homes 2013 donors!

RTS would like to thank the FIRST 14 DONORS for giving the gift of a safe and healthy home to a homeowner in need this Valentine's Day.

To join these supporters in giving, please visit:

Hearts Rebuilding Homes- First 14 donors!

1. Sami Pearlman

2. Lindsey Sargent

3. Noah Jolley

4. Kathy Slough

5. Candace Baer

6. David Kimelman

7. Christopher Daniels

8. Jenny Levesque

9. Margie Thirlby

10. Erin Scheopner

11. Matt MacQuivey

12. Paul Dwyer

13. Merrick Bodmer

14. Ali Feudo

There are 10 more days to participate in this year's Hearts Rebuilding Homes online campaign. Give the gift of a warm and safe home to a homeowner in need this Valentine's Day!

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