Thursday, February 21, 2013

RTS thanks Sarah Ihrie for three years of service to our organization

In February 2010, Sarah Ihrie (pictured above, right) joined RTS as a Program & Development Intern, and quickly advanced to our Programs Manager role later that year.  This month Sarah will end her time at RTS, as her family transitions to Minnesota to pursue new opportunities.  In true RTS form, Sarah will celebrate her last day today with over 20 volunteer Project Leaders and the RTS Board and Staff to kick off our 23rd Annual Spring Rebuilding Day!

Thoughts on Sarah (by RTS Executive Director, Margie Thirlby)
"I have had the honor of working with Sarah during her entire time at RTS, and can't say how proud I am of her and all she's contributed to our organization.  When Sarah arrived at RTS, we had one main program and two employees.  Today, we have three thriving programs and an exceptional team at our office.  Sarah has played a key role in our growth, especially with helping develop and expand our Safe at Home Program (our year round maintenance program) and Programs Committee.  Last year, we were able to help 25 homeowners though Safe at Home, and this year we expect to assist 50!  Sarah has done an exceptional job managing our programs and bringing on new volunteers.  

What I will miss the most about Sarah is her level of determination and organization at RTS, along with her great spirit.  Sarah is highly motivated and efficient, and always keeps the momentum going at our office.  Most importantly, Sarah has a great sense of humor and makes our team laugh every day.  It will be sad not have her around every day when we have our challenging and entertaining moments - we will always think of her.  This week is one filled with mixed emotions for our team.  Seeing Sarah depart is going to be a difficult transition - however, we are all so excited for her and her family and the new opportunities ahead.  Sarah - thank you for all you have done for RTS, and for being the person you are.  We can't thank you enough!"

Feedback from Sarah about her time at RTS

"Although my family and I are excited about the next chapter in our lives, I am so sad to be leaving the RTS community.  I can't possibly list everything that I will miss about RTS.  One part of the job in particular that I will miss is the challenge that I felt with every new homeowner application - how can we best help this homeowner? What group or volunteer would be best to help them?  And, the excitement I feel when I  know I've made a perfect match between a volunteer and homeowner need.  It's truly exhilarating knowing that we have not only been able to help a homeowner but were also able to fulfill a volunteer's desire to help.  It's extremely rewarding when I hear from a volunteer how much they enjoyed the work they completed, and in turn hearing from the homeowner on how much they enjoyed meeting the volunteer(s).  I will miss all the volunteers I work with on a daily basis- I feel like they are all my colleagues and it will be just as hard to say goodbye to them as it will to Margie, Claire, Jeni, and the RTS Board.   Thank you all for your involvement with RTS, and be kind to my replacement - he or she has a lot of crazy-Sarah-methods to wade through!"

Thank you, Sarah!  You will be missed!

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