Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's not too late to participate in Hearts Rebuilding Homes 2013!

We are SO CLOSE to reaching our goal! It's not too late to participate. Make a donation today or tomorrow and we'll send your Valentine an electronic greeting. 

The current tally is $3,250. Can you help us reach our goal of $3,500 by Valentine's Day?

Sami Pearlman

Lindsey Sargent

Noah Jolley

Kathy Slough

Candace Baer

David Kimelman

Christopher Daniels

Jenny Levesque

Margie Thirlby

Erin Scheopner

Matt MacQuivey

Paul Dwyer

Merrick Bodmer

Ali Feudo

Claire Oatey

Jenny Whelan

Valerie Gorder

Katie Herche

Courtney Sanford

Cameron Deamer-Phillips

Gayle Roberts

Jack Quigg

Nolan Bradbury

Michelle Roseborough

Anne Timmermans

Hadley Jensen

Gary Ballas

Kristin Miller

Pam Madden

Pat Thirlby

Debbie Oatey

Monica Berger

Tom Herche

Caitlin McHugh

Angie Ballas

Diane Holst

Arnie Mondloch

Mary Herche 

Kristen Thyng 

Russ Schutlz

Sarah Ihrie

Randy Rademaker

Renee Hartnett

Brenda Murphy

Carol Ravano

Arthur Fleming

Celeste Reiley

Andrea Anthony

Kari Koos

John Lee

Kyle Weeks

Brooke Sullivan

Kristine Kruger

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