Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Volunteer of the Month: Kara Eberle

Kara Eberle (right) pictured with Sulley (left)

The RTS office would like to recognize Kara Eberle as our outstanding volunteer for the month of February! Rebuilding Together Seattle works with volunteers who lend us a whole variety of skills, not just carpentry or plumbing. Along with volunteering on Rebuilding Days, Kara wanted to donate her marketing skills as a professional volunteer. Kara has been working dilignently on updating our tri-fold brochure which we use for potentional clients, volunteers, donors, and sponsors. She also joined our brand new Marketing Committee and attended our first meeting on Monday, February 4th. We are so appreciate of Kara's hard work and willingness to go the extra mile for our organization!

 Let's hear from Kara:

1) How did you get involved with RTS?

My professor at the University of Arizona College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture introduced me to RT down in Tucson, AZ. He sponsored and organized a rebuilding day for a local homeowner and asked his students to volunteer their time to assist a family that was financially struggling with making necessary home repairs. It was a great experience and we were able to use the skills we had learned in college to improve their living conditions.

2) What do you enjoy most about working with our organization?

 I really enjoy being able to use the skills I learned in college and my career as an architect (still in training), to positively affect the lives of others. I especially enjoy being able to meet the homeowners and understand first hand how my donated time improve and enriches their lives.

3) What do other volunteers say about RTS?

All the volunteers I have spoken with say that working with RTS it is not only fulfilling...but fun too!

4) Why do they want to volunteer their time?

RTS makes a strong, personal connection with the people they help. I think that volunteers appreciate that they can directly see how their volunteer time and donations positively improve the lives of others.

5) What about RTS' mission are you most drawn to?

RTS strives to provide safe and healthy living conditions to everyone and therefore their mission provides local homeowners one of the most essential building blocks for a healthy, happy and positive lifestyle. The RTS mission truly helps individuals help themselves and it is a gift of time and effort that keeps on giving long after the volunteer time is donated.


Are you interested in getting involved with the RTS Marketing Committee? Email Claire at to learn more.

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