Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Successful Rebuild Day for Honeywell!

On Saturday, october 23rd, approximately 30 volunteers from Honeywell showed up to make a difference in the lives of a mother and her daughter.  200 hours of labor were applied in one day to complete a number of significant projects at the home of Evelyn, who is 97 years-old, and her daughter, Annette.  Honeywell volunteers replaced the kitchen flooring, completely reconstructed rotting front porch stairs, reinforced many areas of the porch structure, trimmed the trees, cleaned up the gardens and yard, replaced a leaky faucet, helped organize the home's clutter, repaired metal handrails, repaired toilet hardware, and installed a new vapor barrier in storage area.

Annette was overwhelmed with the results and nearby neighbors made a point to share how deserving Evelyn was for the support of Rebuilding Together Seattle, as she herself had a long history of helping others in the neighborhood.
"I would like to thank you all one final time for giving up your Saturday and offering your talents to support another very successful Rebuilding Together project," Gary Ballas, Honeywell Project Leader and RTS Board member, said to his team.

"I think it's telling that a woman who is self-admittedly never at a loss for words was literally speechless. We all had a good laugh over this fact - even Annette,"  he explained.  "Once the work was finished and people had cleared out, it all sort of caught up with her and she was in tears over the transformation. Annette and her mother have had some tough times,  and I was amazed at the improvement in her perspective from being around so many positive people doing something good simply because they knew they could."
Evelyn's daughter, Annette

Back garden and yard before
  Back garden and yard after
Front area before
 front area after
 rotting steps before
 and after!
 kitchen floor before
 kitchen floor after
 The group, hard at work


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