Friday, October 29, 2010

Thanks from the Hazell family to Honeywell

On Saturday, October 23, Honeywell volunteers completed their 5th project with Rebuilding Together Seattle to help a family in the Greenlake neighborhood of Seattle. The following week, the Rebuilding Together Seattle office received an email from the Hazell family, sharing their appreciation for Honeywell's work.

The RTS Staff & Board hopes that RTS supporters will enjoy "reading the impact" that a sponsor and group of volunteers had on one of our families. Thank you, Honeywell!

10-29-10 to

Amazing improvements. Awesome - it took my breathe away! Thank you all so much for such fantastic work. The kitchen floor is beautiful and the new faucet too. It's unbelievable how much can be accomplished in one day; and the wonderful work that a group of people can do. All the yard work in the back and front - beautiful job in the rockery. When I came up the front steps were much safer with the railings in front, and better stairs and porch. Everything was much more organized inside. Thank you again.
Evelyn Hazell - homeowner, 98 years old

Thank you. When I came out of the house I couldn't believe all the amazing talented volunteers who came. I was speechless. Thank you so much for everything you did: from fixing the railings, repairing the stairs, securing the porch, to the yard work in the front and back, the beautiful kitchen floor and faucet, the new vapor barrier in the crawl space, and even fixing a light and the toilet handle. A special thanks for the help with organization and cleaning.

I also saw something else: people connecting with one another, on a personal level. How wonderful!

I wanted to share a memory from when I was a child. I remember my mom and dad had friends and family that got together to play the game pinochle. One of them needed to have a basement dug for his house on Mercer Island. So instead of playing cards, one weekend they dug out the basement for their friends. The men dug, and the women brought food and cleaned (it was the fifties). It was like a big picnic, and everyone was doing something. Like this wonderful group of people who came to my mom's house to work on it. What amazing people they all are. My thanks goes out to these caring people.
Annette (Evelyn's daughter)

My first impression is the opening up of the view of the house from the street. It's amazing.
From the front room it's especially impressive with much more daylight into the home, with a cheerful feeling.
Kurt (son in law)

The sense of security is improved with the sturdy railings and the new stairs for my mom. It's a great relief. The new kitchen floor is beautiful. A great accomplishment for one day's work. I love the openness with the trimming of the trees. Wow - the backyard rockery looks great. Thank you!
Sue (daughter)

On a more laconic bent: y'all done a good thing.
Ken (friend)

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