Thursday, December 8, 2011

Board Member of the Month: Charlie Foushee

Charlie (L) with Project Leader, Jeff Haines (R), at the North Coast Electric Rebuilding Day (May 2011).

Charlie has been involved with Rebuilding Together Seattle for just over three years now, and what a commitment he made right off the bat! Charlie joined the Board of Directors after participating in his company's first rebuilding day (Tarragon), and has since served as the Chair of the RTS Development Committee.

“We are very lucky to have Charlie’s support on our Board," Margie Thirlby, Executive Director, says. "Charlie took great initiative during his first year on the Board in helping expand the RTS Development Committee, and has served as our Chair for three years. Charlie has helped secured excellent volunteer, donor, and sponsor connections for our organization and is a treat to work with."

Charlie (L) and Steve Hoffman from GLY Construction (R) at our Beer & Wine Tasting event in September

1. How did you first get involved with RTS?
I was first involved with RTS through a rebuilding project that was sponsored by my employer, Tarragon. It was such a great experience that I couldn’t see myself not being involved at some capacity. I love RTS’ mission and working with our homeowners.

2. What do you enjoy most about being a board member at RTS?
Working with appreciative homeowners, compassionate volunteers, and a driven RTS office and board.

3. What are your hopes for RTS in the years to come?
I would love to see RTS continue its strong pace of helping homeowners in need. I am excited about our progression in our “Safe at Home” year-round program as it is our avenue to help more folks in immediate need.

Thank you, Charlie!

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