Monday, December 19, 2011

Thank You KLB Construction and AG Tree Service!

On Spring Rebuilding Day 2011, Atkinson Construction partnered with Gonzaga Alumni to renovate and repair the home of a veteran, Vicki, who lives in South Seattle.  Although they did an incredible amount of work for SRD 2011 (incuding constructing a brand new ramp, painting the entire house, rewiring the electrical, moving the washer and dryer, decluttering, and tons of yard work, to name a few things), there were a couple items left that Atkinson felt they needed to complete.  One was the drainage issue that left standing water in Vicki's basement every time it rained, and the other was a monstrous dead tree looming over her house and new ramp. 

A couple weeks ago, AG Tree Service was out and took down the tree, giving everyone the opportunity to release a huge sigh of relief.  Then, KLB Construction put in over $6,500 worth of work.  Molly Villani, of Atkinson Construction, said that after putting in a new drainage system, "the crew had to go back to put in a mesh net at the end of the drain, so rodents and other creatures wouldn't make the drain a new home.  They cleaned the gutters, the back yard, and placed some additional drain rock to tidy things up." 

Vicki can now live in safety, without drainage issues, and enjoy her new home, thanks to the joint efforts of Atkinson Construction, KLB Construction, and AG Tree Service!

The Monster Tree: 

Looming over the new ramp...

Safe at last! Thank you AG Tree Service!

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