Friday, December 9, 2011

Volunteers of the Month: Carolann Andrews and Peter Kelly

Carolann,  hard at work!

Peter, looking a little overwhelmed!

Last month, Rebuilding Together Seattle partnered with CBRE for their first rebuilding day.  What a huge success!!  Not only did CBRE commit to a full day rebuilding day, but they also were out there for a pre-rebuilding day, and a post-rebuilding day, and many visits in between! 

Throughout the whole process, Carolann Andrews, Volunteer Coordinator, and Peter Kelly, Project Manager, were on top of planning, organizing and executing the projects.  Their hard work and positive attitude was an impressive testament to their commitment to giving back to the community.

Let's hear from Peter:
1. How did you get involved with RTS? My company, CBRE, connected with RTS for our charity endeavors, CBRE Cares.  I was tabbed to be the Project Manager, and was happy to be selected.  I’ve always wanted to be involved in something like this, but never really had or made the opportunity until now.

2. What do you enjoy most about working with our organization? The ability to help CBRE “organize” and focus our energy in a positive way was very helpful.  I’m certain that we’ll work together again soon.

3. What do other volunteers say about RTS? The volunteers loved to see the fruits of their efforts in an immediate and tangible way.  At the end of the day our “home” had been seemingly transformed in front of our eyes, and to see the happy faces of the homeowners made it all that much better. 

4. Why do they want to volunteer their time? It seemed like everyone could relate to our homeowner’s “needs” and were just very pleased to be able to help someone and not expect anything in return.  It just felt good!

5. What about RTS' mission are you most drawn to? I liked that their mission was to really “help” the affected person, not just to beautify their home.
And now from Carolann:
1. How did you get involved with RTS?
CBRE, Inc. partnered with Rebuilding Together Seattle this year.  I was fortunate to be chosen to work on this project.
2. What do you enjoy most about working with our organization?
RTS set-up the project for us and guided us along the way.  We were able to meet the homeowners and they told us their story which helped us to understand why we were there.  This connection made the whole experience more meaningful.
Sarah Ihrie from RTS helped organize us and took care of what was needed “behind the scenes”

3. What do other volunteers say about RTS?
They were impressed with the process of selecting the project home.  Being able to work with the homeowners from start to finish was very satisfying.  The homeowners were so grateful and
expressed their appreciation to the volunteers every step of the way.

4. Why do they want to volunteer their time?
CBRE employees are dedicated to bettering the communities where they live and work. We had 30 volunteers within 24 hours of sending out the CBRE Cares Homebuilding project announcement.   It started out as a great opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to a family in need and ended up being an enjoyable team- building event.  We are all looking forward to next year’s home build project.  The following volunteers took the Lead on different home projects to insure that all three event days were successful.  Cathy Leon, Carolyn Davis, Dana Kelsie, Misty Hakola, Tenille Lively, Dan Stutz and our Project Manager, Peter Kelly.  Boyce Construction, Holmes Electric and the tilers, Lou LaJeunesse, Greg Sylvia and Doug Wright spent several days contributing to the home rebuild.

5. What about RTS' mission are you most drawn to?
The homeowner’s lives changed dramatically four years ago due to a tragic accident.  While they struggled to live a new life, the house was no longer a priority.  We were able to give them back a little bit of their former life by making their home more accessible, safer and brighter.  Now they are proud to let people back into their home.

Thank you Carolann and Peter!!

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