Wednesday, December 14, 2011

RTS Energizer: Cathy Leon

The CBRE Project Leaders, Carolann Andrews and Peter Kelly chose one volunteer from the group of volunteers as their RTS Energizer- a person who goes above and beyond their commitment as a volunteer on the rebuilding day.  Cathy Leon worked at the home of Julia and Floyd the weekend before the rebuilding day, to clean and prime the walls for painting, and the day after, to do the finishing touches.

Cathy, managing the bathroom project

Cathy and fellow painters on the kitchen project

"Cathy Leon’s enthusiasm and hard work makes a significant impact on our community," Carolann said.  "Cathy met with the homeowners several times to go over the colors so that the paint she purchased was perfect.  She worked with the paint crew volunteers to make sure they had everything they needed.  Cathy’s leadership and knowledge made the paint project a huge success."

Way to go Cathy!!! Your dedication is an inspiration to many!!

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