Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Announcing the first official Spring Rebuilding Day Volunteer Giving Challenge!

This year, Rebuilding Together Seattle will launch our first ever Spring Rebuilding Day Volunteer Giving Challenge! On April 27th, we'll be asking over 1,000 volunteers to consider impacting our programs beyond Spring Rebuilding Day, by making a financial contribution to our organization to help more families on our waiting list.

While our Spring Rebuilding Day Sponsors and volunteers make our annual event possible, we currently have over 60 families on our waiting list who are still in need of critical home repairs.  A majority of individual donations at RTS go toward our Safe at Home Program, our year-round maintenance program that assists clients with critical home improvements each month.  Examples of Safe at Home projects include: building ramps and steps, replacing doors, windows, and kitchen appliances, installing grab bars and hand rails, and providing electric and plumbing repairs.  We're hoping our Spring Rebuilding Day volunteers will consider supporting Safe at Home, so we help more homeowners in need of our services.

On April 27th, our Area Coordinators will bring custom pledge cards to each site, so volunteers can make a donation of any amount without having the hassle of making a payment at the event (we will, however, be able to accept checks and run credit cards at select sites who request our machines).  The following week, volunteers will receive a pledge reminder (via email or mail) with information on how to make a donation, based on the preferences indicated on their pledge cards.

Yes, we are calling April 27th an official challenge!  Here's how it will work:

The Match: We have a family in our community who is so excited about our first Volunteer Giving Challenge, that they are willing match a certain number of volunteer donations from April 27th (the official amount will be announced on the day)!

Sponsor Challenge: In order to add some friendly competition amongst our 28 sponsor/volunteer groups, we’ll be recognizing the group with the highest percentage of volunteer participation!  This group will receive an exclusive marketing feature on our Blog and Facebook page, and a FREE ICE CREAM DELIVERY at the end of the day!  In additional, all groups who pledge $2,000 or more will receive name recognition in our Spring newsletter! 

Individual Challenge: All donors who contribute to the campaign will be recognized in our official Blog feature announcing the results to our campaign, and will receive a 100% tax-deductible receipt for their contributions.  All donors who give $50 or more will be entered into a raffle drawing to win a free iPod Shuffle or a Free Microsoft Surface RT! Those who donate $100.00 or more will be entered twice into the raffle!  Lastly, our top donor from April 27th will be given 2 free tickets to our annual Beer and Wine Tasting Fundraiser in October!


What a fun way to celebrate our 23rd annual Spring Rebuilding Day and all the hard work these volunteers are putting in to help our homeowners! Stay tuned to the blog to see more information on the Volunteer Giving Challenge and the results after April 27th.

Questions? Please contact or call 206.682.1231.  To make a donation online in advance of Spring Rebuilding Day, please visit our donation page and remember to write the name of your volunteer/sponsor group in the Designation field!

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