Friday, April 26, 2013

Meet the Staff: Paige Schultz

Paige (center), volunteering at the 2012 Beer and Wine Tasting fundraiser!

This month, RTS welcomed Paige Schultz to our team.  Paige is serving as our new Development Associate, assisting with fundraising events, individual giving, volunteer engagement, marketing, PR, and more!  Paige first joined RTS in 2011 when she served as a Program and Development Intern.  Paige did an outstanding job helping with our annual fundraiser and program events, and we are thrilled to have Paige back in action!

Let's get to know Paige!

How did you first get involved with Rebuilding Together Seattle?
I first heard about RTS through my dad, who was leading a project for Honeywell. After graduating from Western Washington University in 2011, I came to RTS as an intern during the summer and fall. I loved my time with RTS, but ultimately took a job in finance. When the development associate position at RTS opened up, I knew it was what I wanted to do. I am beyond excited to be back at RTS!

Why are you passionate about the mission of Rebuilding Together Seattle?
RTS brings together so many diverse groups of people, from homeowners to sponsors and volunteers to donors. It is amazing to watch people who might not have otherwise met, interact with one another in a  meaningful way to ensure that every person has a safe and healthy place to call home. A lot of homeowners that are served by RTS live in the home they grew up in, or that their children grew up in. Seeing these homes be transformed into something new again is special in a world where often times the old is wiped away to make room for the new. I am so happy to be involved in what we are doing here!

What are some of your hopes for Rebuilding Together Seattle in years to come? 
I hope that RTS becomes a household name. It is great to see how much the organization has grown just in the last year and a half, and I truly believe that we are very close to our tipping point. I am honored to be involved during this phase of our growth and I am looking forward to introducing new groups of people to RTS. 

Tell us a bit about yourself – what do you do outside of work?
I am blessed with a large family, almost all of whom live in the area, and a great group of close friends.  I spend  most my time with this close knit group of family and friends. Some of my favorite Seattle activities include attending sports games (Go Hawks!), going to concerts, and exploring all the beautiful scenes Seattle has to offer.  Beyond that, I love to read, watch movies, and travel as much as possible.

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