Friday, April 26, 2013

Perkins Coie to restore home of elderly couple in Madison Valley!

Perkins Coie has partnered with Rebuilding Together Seattle for over 10 years! We are proud to have Perkins Coie serve as a top sponsor on Spring Rebuilding Day.

Tomorrow, 30 volunteers from Perkins Coie will restore the home of OD and Bernice, an elderly couple living in Madison Valley.  OD is a WWII veteran who served in New Orleans from 1943-1946.  Volunteers will paint the exterior of the house, repair the gutters, trim back shrubbery, and install grab bars and handrails.  

Last year Perkins Coie partnered with Intellectual Ventures to help Elleree Harrison, a widow of a veteran.  Check out the photos below from last year.

RTS is looking forward to another great project with Perkins Coie this Saturday!  Thank you Perkins Coie volunteers and this year's volunteer Project Manager, Board Member, Randy Rademaker, for all you've done!  Stay tuned for photos of the restoration of OD and Bernice's home.

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