Monday, April 8, 2013

Recap of Saturday's Safeway Rebuilding Day, 4-6-13

Group shot of Safeway volunteers
Project Manager, Erick, talks about safety

RTS Program Associate, Claire, (left) with Linda from Parkview (center) and Van from Provail (right)
Volunteers checking out the task list for the day

Measuring the new countertop

Cleaning gutters

Shed demo


Shed demo

Buildings cubbies for kitchen storage

Interior painting

RTS Programs Manager, Caleb, helping with the bathroom flooring demo

Interior painting

The deck was definitely due for a powerwash!

Installing the new countertop


Bathroom flooring demo

Installing new cubbies for kitchen organization

Linda from Parkview showing a resident the kitchen improvements

Project Manager, Erick Cruz, with Director of Parkview Services, Linda Roche
Great work, Safeway volunteers!

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