Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"A mutually beneficial organization for all involved" (SRD recap from Board Member, Gary Ballas)

RTS Board Members, Gary Ballas (L) and Russ Schultz (R)

I had a great day yesterday [on Spring Rebuilding Day] as a roving Rebuilding Together Seattle Board Member supporting various projects in the North end. This is seriously one of the few organizations I've ever seen that is so mutually beneficial for all involved.

Homeowners in need get absolutely free home improvements focusing on Safety, Warmth and Independence to help them stay in their homes.

Businesses get to give back to their communities by providing leadership and virtually incidental funds to support projects. Beyond the goodwill factor, the payback is the morale boost from co-workers getting out of their daily grind and working side-by-side with people they may only know in passing on a major 1 day transformation for the benefit of someone else.

Volunteers get to apply their talents (and learn new ones) to help people that really need it and absolutely appreciate it. While not everyone is into the volunteer thing, I believe most people love to help out when there is something they can do. Somehow it's way more satisfying than any paid job.

Sponsors get to see tangible results in their own communities for the resources they contribute.

Rebuilding Together Seattle gets to help more people each year given an strong organization and a focus on applying every $ to the cause. 

Everybody wins. Check us out at: www.rtseattle.org
Thank you, Gary!

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