Tuesday, May 22, 2012

RTS Energizer: George Gregory, Center for Spiritual Living

"George Gregory is our 2012+ Energizer! In his 16th year of service with our Center for Spiritual Living Community Service Team, George Gregory led the back yard clean up & accessory structure demolition + shlepping and loading tons of wood, metal and "stuff" from the overloaded yard.  We loaded all that into the 4 dumping trucks he loaned us on 4/28 (and 3 on 4/21 and 1 on 4/7) from his business, Kaleidoscope Landscaping, to make 15 trips to properly dispose of the wood, metal and waste!  He gives with love like this every year.  Thank you George!!!"

George (white t-shirt) leading the group removing a train axle from the homeowner's backyard!

Thank you, George!

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