Thursday, May 24, 2012

(A Very Special) RTS Energizer: Barbara Marks, Emmanuel Episcopal Church

After Emmanuel Episcopal saw this video of Barbara Marks (a family member of one of the SRD 2012 recipients) thanking the volunteers for their hard work, they had this to say about Barbara:
"On behalf of Emmanuel Episcopal Church it is so fitting that Barbara Marks made the video - because we want to nominate HER as our Energizer volunteer.  She worked as hard as anyone on this day, and of course, I'm sure she is responsible for making sure Mrs. Madison was on the list for assistance as well. It was an honor and really a super pleasure to work along side her - and she was working still as we were leaving.  An amazing person and so dedicated to her ex-mother in law! Thank you for considering her as our super volunteer!"

A BIG THANK YOU to both Barbara and Emmanuel Episcopal Church!

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