Wednesday, May 16, 2012

RTS Energizer: Rich Tarter, Atkinson Construction

"Rich Tarter is Atkinson Construction's nominee for the RTS Energizer Award. A 40 year veteran of heavy civil construction primarily with Atkinson, Rich arrived just after 7 AM on Saturday and worked diligently for more than 13 hours on his hands and knees installing new flooring in the kitchen. After most of the 25-30 person crew had dispersed for the day, Rich continued his work cleaning the kitchen floor and moving the refrigerator and furniture back to their pre-project locations. At 8:30 PM, Rich was still loading garbage and construction waste into the back of his pick-up to haul off-site. Rich worked hard from start to finish despite the fact that he was neither the event coordinator nor a team lead. His hard work and dedication proved crucial to our completion within the confines of one day."

Great work, Rich!

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